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Subject:Waiting to change...
Time:01:17 am
Current Mood:embarrassedembarrassed
Here's that update you've been waiting for, and big shocker, it's a bitchy rant. Oh well. Suck a nut, pussies.

Wow. I didn't think it was possible, but I am literally amazed at how disgusting one house can get.

A couple days ago Luke came to stay by for a while. As usual/expected, I was compleetly embarrassed. I attempted to clean the kitchen... at least a bit. I did a whole load of dishes, none of which were even mine. I cleaned the counter from top to bottom; a mess which was also not my responsibility to clean up. I then stepped out to the store with Mom for about an hour. I come back. The counter is already well on it's way to the original state it was in--disgusting state, that is.

Now I know dishes pile up sometimes, maybe sometimes no one thinks of the garbage and overflows. But to clean an area of the house to liveable standards, and to have it completely reversed, in a matter of hours is not even aggravating. It's almost amazingly impossible. It's never my mess. It's hardly any of the time even San's mess. She is working or at school too much for any of the majortity of the mess to be hers. It belongs to only one fucking person in this house, and I'm getting fucking fed up with it.

Maybe you grew up with Mommy wiping your ass. Maybe she did all your laundry and never yelled at you enough to inspire you to clean up your dirty ass socks, or even the fucking dishes and unopened mail in your name you leave around the house. You're in the REAL world now, buddy. It's called cleaning up after yourself. Having respect for the other people who have to fucking live with your disgusting ass. MAYBE you can live with the way you leave this house, but I can't. I can't even believe that someone this ridiculous doesn't get the fucking hint after hours, days, months, even years of bitching to just fucking grow up.

And then you have the fucking audacity to throw a fucking hissy fit in front of company about how "you give up", and how you "bust your ass and never get any fucking help"?

Are you serious?

1.) To give up on something, you need to TRY to DO IT first.
2.) To have the balls to complain about NOT getting help for something YOU choose to do and FAIL at is YOUR problem, no one else's.
3.) You spent your whole life getting help from MOMMY. That is why I am even posting this, because you've never had to do a damn thing for yourself without someone doing it for you, or whining relentlessly like a fucking BABY until it gets done.
4.) Good job whining like a fucking child in front of company. It makes the disgusting house (and you) look even better, considering you've had everything to do with it ending up this way... with NO help.

Oh yeah, and you're going to bed in a fucking hour, a day and a half, when you retire, and you want me to keep the "breathing" down.
1.) Come the fuck back WHEN you are going to bed. Stop putting in 2 week fucking notices to let me fucking know. I didn't care an hour ago, I won't care when your head hits the Goddamn pillow.
2.) Half the time, the music/movie/company is seriously not even that loud. So, uh, STFU. The house being on fire is a legitimate reason to talk to us. Crapping out an excuse like asking the music to be turned down, well, isn't.
3.) Stop fucking thinking I would ever want you in my room, at ANY given point or time, period.
4.) I pay my rent. Don't fucking worry about if I am working, who I'm seeing/where I am going, what is going on behind my closed door, etc. That's pretty much what makes it MY life, not YOURS.
5.) Appreciate what the fuck you have, and don't take it for granted or it WILL be gone. Stop whining like a fucking baby in shit like you have nothing or got dealt a shitty hand. Your life is what YOU make of it, no one else.
6.) You have NOT had it as bad as any of us, and you DON'T hear us bitching about it. Suck it up.

I'm fucking done. I'm going to go play Super Mario now since apparently, me being unemployed for a whopping 3 weeks makes me a completely useless and vapid waste of flesh. Now that's the pot calling the kettle BWAHHHk.

P.S. If you get angry at anyone else other than yourself for reading this, you might want to look over your prioroties, cause it's ALL YOU. Someone has to say it, and I might not be the right person, but it is the right fucking time. And I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of it to be cleaning up after your ass. You want shit like that, go back home to fucking Mommy. Until then, I pay my rent and I have a say in the fucking shituation I have to live in. It's disgusting, and something needs to get fucking done other than absolutely nothing/bitching like a baby. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
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Time:2007-11-10 05:47 pm (UTC)
To be fair, I have asked J a few times to either talk to you or simply just go in and lower the radio when it's too loud at night, but at that point I am literally in bed and can't sleep due to the noise. I am *NOT* kidding about the walls being thin, you can only imagine how many pillows I had to use over my head the last few days you had someone over... :x
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[icon] Waiting to change... - I'd like to destroy everything...
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